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Welcome to our Developer Resource Center! On this page you will find information regarding the Omni SDK, our demo games, and helpful links to additional developer resources. Please join in the conversations we are having with other developers on our developer forums. Or get in touch with our Developer Relations team at

Omni SDK

Omni applications enable players to walk around and explore in ways never seen before:

  • “Active VR”

    Immersion through physical walking, running, and jumping inside a game or application

  • De-coupled looking / walking direction

    The ability to walk in one direction while looking around independently in any other direction gives the player the added immersive experience of looking around for danger, clues, and observing the surroundings

  • Natural Speed

    Analog walking and running speed matches the player’s physical movement speed

The Omni Software Development Kit (Omni SDK) is the development gateway to the new worlds our developers create. Join our developers network and download our Omni SDK for both Unity and UE4 for below.

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