Drivers and Manuals

Please download and install Omni Connect on your system, and create an Omni Online user profile upon setup. The Omni Connect application is required to operate your Omni. An Omni Online user profile is required to compare stats with other users and compete on our universal leaderboards. Additional information about Omni Connect and Omni Online is available in your Owner’s Manual.

Omni ConnectOmni Owner’s Manual

Virtuix Game Content

Have you ever wanted to run around inside a virtual environment while playing a first person shooter? Us too. The Game Development team at Virtuix has developed several game experiences that we think you’ll enjoy.

Coming Soon

Legacy Game instructions

When we ask customers what environments they most want to explore in virtual reality, they often mention great legacy games like Skyrim or CS:GO. We’ve assembled guides to help you play some of our favorite legacy games on the Omni. Please check back regularly for new guides.